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The United Church of Canada oversees an active community of 60 churches in Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo and the North and West.   We are fortunate to have a blend of both rural and urban charges, from part-time to multiple-staff ministries. All of our churches are unique, but some offer visionary partnerships. Consider Westminister United sharing facilities with the Temple Shalom synagogue, or St. Luke's United which fostered and is surrounded by a thriving seniors' complex. Our theological stance is as varied as our facilities: from conservative to liberal, from covenanting to affirming. Despite, and maybe because of this diversity, we unite in our focus on Christ's love for us and for the work to be done.

the legacy grant core goals . . .

has identified the mission, health and vitality of congregations as its core business. To that end, some of the churches in our area have sold their assets and redirected their funds to a legacy grant program to further the future of initiatives in other United Churches. We have put our efforts into helping to finance programs if your church is looking for help. Here you will encounter a brief history of the church that has closed and the criteria for a grant to further the work of Christ in your church.

The Grant for St. Margaret-over-the-Hill United Church Bagpipe Legacy

  • Criteria:
  • -- A description of what the legacy is for (i.e. "In honour of our deep roots in the Highlands, this legacy fosters the cultivation of bagpipe music in congregational worship. Funds can be used toward purchasing pipes and related equipment, training pipers, and earplugs for the congregation. While this musical genre is part of the Scottish heritage, we encourage applicants from all cultural backgrounds. Event the English. . . . etc.)
  • A grant of $2,000 is available in the winter granting period.
  • An email link for more info revgreg@bellnet.ca
  • Click here to apply -- a link to the application


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